130 word review: The Angry Chef by Anthony Warner

The Angry Chef by Anthony Warner asks why so many people are choosing Unknown (6)to starve themselves of one of the greatest pleasures in life – food – if there is no scientifically backed medical reason to do so.

Note the words ‘scientifically backed’, they’re a key feature in this book that debunks ‘clean eating’ among many other food fads.

The main thing that riles Warner is the language around food where it is deemed to be ‘clean’ or ‘dirty’, and anyone seen to lacking the willpower to be purely ‘clean’ eaters is viewed as imperfect.

Warner’s writing is engaging, informative and thought-provoking throughout. Read this book and then ditch the fads. Unless your doctor has told you to avoid a food for a medical reason you can enjoy everything in moderation,

I bought my kindle copy from Amazon.

Check out the website: The Angry Chef: Exposing lies, pretensions and stupidity in the world of food.

Follow the author on Twitter: @One_Angry_Chef

The Pool meets The Angry Chef

I have challenged dangerous pseudoscience, and fought hard to protect the world of food. Hopefully along the way I have made people laugh, despair, and most importantly relax a little about the food they are eating.

The Angry Chef


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