About me

I joined twitter to learn social media because I sensed the business I was in would need social media skills. As soon as I did, I quickly realised I’d need a blog and launched PAMREADER across both platforms.

I was rapidly picked up by the publisher Myriad Editions and others. Excerpts from my reviews can be found on the Myriad Edition’s website and in novels by Sarah Hilary, Amanda Jennings and many others. I created The Broadway Book Club in Nottingham, which I transferred to Leanne Waines care during period of ill-health. I also took part in a talk titled What Makes a Book Worth Publishing? during the Brighton Festival in 2013

When I turned to writing fiction, I attended classes run by local author Megan Taylor and was shortlisted in the Flash Fiction category of the Galway Rape Crisis Centre competition in 2016 by the author Celeste Augé, which was an amazing experience.

I have many interests as you’ll see if you come and view my lists on twitter, you’ll find me there under @Pamreader.

Thank you for reading,



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