Review policy – please read

I only accept books for review in the e-book format, this is because I have a corn allergy, which means I can react to physical books due to corn-derived products being part of their manufacture.

If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning you’ll know why that sentence was one of the hardest I’ve ever had to write, because I’ve always championed the hardback format up until my diagnosis in Immunology. I still do, I just can’t buy them or tolerate them much any more because that new book smell everyone loves so much can make me ill. Fortunately, the creation of e-books gives me another option.

Much as I love the little gifts publishers sometimes send as part of a book promotion, they can be allergy triggers for me too, so please don’t send anything other than a link to the e-book you’d like me to consider reviewing.

I am a member of NetGalley, so please do let me know it you have a book on there that you think may be of interest to me.

I have an unusual perspective when it comes to selecting a book for review, what I listen for as I read is an orchestra of words, an author who has practised their craft to the point that I forget I am holding a book and become completely absorbed in the story. I’ll recognise that rhythm from the first paragraph of your book and if your book doesn’t ‘sing’ to me I will not review it.

This does not mean I will never review a book of yours, it just means that your writing style at the moment does not resonate with me. However, it may resonate with other bloggers and there are plenty of us to choose from.

I like writers who aren’t afraid of writing unhappy endings and unlikeable characters, those who are fearless. I like writers who encourage me to walk in another person’s shoes for a while, to live a different life, to understand a different perspective. I also appreciate writers who understand the value of professional editing and proofreading, who are willing to invest in themselves and who know that no matter how much they write, or how well-published they are, they will always be learning their craft.

Those are the writers I’m interested in.

If you are one of those writers, then I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reading,




2 thoughts on “Review policy – please read

  1. I’m amazed you fit in anything else at all… I will look again in a few months! Don’t get me started on recommendations. I take a month’s reading time between novels…

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